Ending Homelessness

Street.org is a social enterprise working to figure out a framework to solve homelessness. By categorizing homeless into few types and matching them with possible solutions, we can help them step out of streets in shortest possible time. 

What we do

Study homeless profiles

Every sunday, our volunteers in vizag take over the streets. We do events like street feeding, street stores, marketing events for the products that homeless make etc.

While doing events, we interact with homeless in various zones and gather more data about their profiles. This data helps us to move them to shelters and connect them to long term employers.

Gifts that employ homeless

We make gifts and upcylced goods by employing our street friends for a day to help them quit begging and get habituated to work. This gives us more time to study their profiles and also earn revenues to support the cause.

The Playboook

After procuring enough profiles from on ground activities in a city we categorize them into types and match them with possible activities that can be taken up to create change with proper metrics.

We are soon releasing a playbook on how to replicate this framework in your own community/city with step by step instructions. 

Who we seek

Join hands & support our cause in re-integrating the homeless back into the society!

Outsourcing companies who are looking for opportunities to delegate work and do good

Hiring companies who are open to inclusive employment

Partners with the shared vision of helping people living in the streets

Volunteers who are ready to contribute their talent and time to a great cause

Donors who are willing to aid our mission through in-kind support

If  you can't help a million, Just help one

Our regular activities

Advocating homelessness

Once a month we run a campaign to spread a word about homelessness and motivate people around our city to help curb donating money to the lazy beggars which keeps them on streets. We ask em to move homeless to shelters and skill development centers instead. 

Street Stores & Street feeding

Every month we have one feeding events where our street feeders serve food to the needy and take their profiles. 

Once a month we conduct street stores in open where people donate clothes, footwear etc and the needy help themselves.


Our volunteers from psychology institutes spend time with homeless, trying to build back their self-esteem. We try to motivate them to pick up better lifestyle with some dignity.

Skill Development

Having a skill improves the chances of employment. Hence we motivate our street friends to take up skill development classes. They get trained for about 3 months on a certain skill and get certified.

What we achieved so far

We've employed 5 members in day jobs and 1 in long term job. Apart from this we created awareness in our city which motivated 100+ members to volunteer with us in someway or other.

Street Feedings

Beneficiaries 1000+

We did about 19 feeding events feeding 1000+ homeless until June 2017. We also did one BIG SCOUT which is similar to feeding event but done across all 6 zones, 72 wards in the city at once. 1000+ homeless profiles are collected and are connected to the nearest jobs available while many are moved to the shelters.

Street Stores

Beneficiaries 150+

A pop up store containing unused clothes, utilities etc gathered from volunteers across the city. A heart-touching campaign where in we interact with street friends hearing their stories. This gave us an opportunity to set our sails in proper direction so that we bring in an useful impact on their lives.


Organic Reach - 5000+, Inorganic Reach - 6Lakh+

We advocate how important it is to end homelessness. We strongly believe that homelessness is an issue of the governance and the way our societies are built. This can be easily solved by implementing our framework in your city. We are spreading a word on how to end homelessness with a playbook.


Upcoming Events

"BigScout is an event similar to feeding but it's done across 6 zones, 72 wards covering entire vizag at once. We gather profiles of about 1000 homeless in one day and connect them to jobs available on the same day.."

"Street Store is a pop up store or setup one in your own place. All you need is our street store Kit, two hours per week and some compassion. Motivate your friends to join the campaign. Drop by our store to know more details..."


Volunteers from across world

15 January 2017

After starting a course on coursera we were able to attract about 5 international volunteers willing to work on building street

Celebrating New year with homeless

31 December 2016

While everyone spent time with their friends partying, our volunteers spent their final evening on the year with the homeless

Final Street Feeding of the year 2016

25 December 2016

This is the final feeding of the year. We had a great start and hoping to continue the journey for the coming years.

Instrumental Flash Mob

19 February 2017

4 well known local bands, 5 amazing contemporary artists and 40 volunteers came together to kickoff this event to spread a message to vizagites.