Team Building

Street goes global

Posted by Karan on 15 Jan, 2017 comments(0)

After getting back to the birth place of street I started participating in the course again. Although walking down the same path isn't much of fun I'm doing this so as to gain more passionate volunteers on board. From my experience this course is the best place to find a team which is actually looking to dedicate their time on the cause.

So I quickly applied for the financial aid and got the waiver to pursue the full course. The next step is introduction. I definitely don't want to scare the hell out of my new volunteers during introduction, so I only introduced myself as a guy who's looking to find a pattern to solve homelessness. Once I get a comment I'm dropping them a mail explaining about what's cooking and asking them if they can get on board. Luckily we already have 4 on board and few more are yet to confirm


Final feeding before christmas

After lot's of hard work during past 6 months christmas arrived. While everyone asks for a gap for the festive evening our team said what are we gonna do. Today is our final feeding when the tale of padma begins.....

Team Building

Trick that doubled volunteers

We pretty much tried everything in our hands to get our passive volunteers active. But for once we tried something new and showcased our active one's talent. Bingo we attracted more of the tribe on board. . . . .


Breaking the ice

Here goes our 1st collaboration, a channel that came forward to employ atmost 60 homeless for an upcoming hospital. Our friends will be turned into security guards, health care employs and much more. . . . .


Understanding the problem

Although we are working on diminishing the effects due to the problem so called homelessness, we never left the roots that trigger it. As we study this deeper, we hope to weed it down even before it rises. . . . .


Self sustainable Marketing

While everyone know that marketing eats out 30-40% of your organizations budgets, we are experimenting with models of marketing that aren't just self sustainable but sometimes they generate more revenues. How cool is that. . . . .

Building street

Inculcating Circular Economy

Building an enterprise is great, but being a social enterprise one must and for sure understand the values that the enterprise should be built upon. One such important value is circular economy which is at the core of our. . . . .


Street is a social enterprise born out of vizag in july 2016. We work to empower homeless and turn vizag into a beggerless city


Why we choose to be a HYBRID

Although most of SE's depend on charity, we don't want to. We are instead building a . . . .

Infographics of surveys

Past 6 months we had been doing lots of study and here are all our works in simplest format . . . . .

Role of Society & Culture

We often point at finances, crime etc when it comes to homelessness, but what role . . . . .